Free Video Series
Simple Techniques for Parenting Challenging Teens & Preteens
In these video's you will learn
 The Secret Language of Validation
Why Traditional Counseling Might Not Be Enough
 The first phase of treatment most therapist skip!
 How you can immediately decrease conflict in your home
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Learn the skills you need to create a better relationship with your teen.
What's Inside The Training
  • What Solution Focused Parenting is and how it can help you
  •  Assumptions you need to make to be a better parent
  •  Mindfulness
  •  How to create family traditions and rituals
  •  Interpersonal Effectiveness (Relationship Skills)
  •  Finding Personal and Family Strengths
  • Walking the Middle Path (Behaviorism, Dialectics, What is normal behavior)
  •  Emotion Regulation
  •  How to increase Empathy
  •  Distress Tolerance Skills
  •  Self and Family Affirmations 
  •  Problem Solving
About Richelle Futch
Richelle is a mental health counselor and virtual skills trainer helping parents of behaviorally challenged kids who are exhausted with the mental health system reduce the chaos in their home so they can feel better, build better relationships while decreasing the unwanted behaviors.
Solution Focused Parenting
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